N&T provides businesses with advisory and consulting services. Our professionals can assist with planning to reach ever increasing targets, manage risk, and make effective business decisions. We often become trusted advisors and integral members of our clients’ financial teams.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Creating, enhancing, and preserving value is critical in today’s economy. This may mean taking advantage of merger, divestiture or acquisition opportunities. We provide support services to cover all aspects of transactions, for buyers or sellers.

Performance Improvement: Today’s business environment is constantly evolving and changing, with investors expecting sustained performance improvement. Our professionals have experience working with a variety of organizations assisting businesses in making productive changes to their supply chains, management information and support systems, staffing and customer relations to help achieve continued growth and success.

Business Issues: We provide real-time consulting services to assist businesses in their everyday decision making. These decisions may include anything from obtaining the appropriate financing, staffing decisions, maximizing resource utilization, financial planning and budgeting, and implementing effective organizational structure.

Risk Management: Organizations continue to face ever increasing regulatory scrutiny, challenging business leaders to balance the pursuit of corporate objectives and compliance with regulatory requirements. Our professionals assist companies in strategically managing these risks to enhance business value.