Our field exams are broadly broken down into two types: commercial and retail.

Commercial Field Exams

We perform field exams for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Lenders, Cash Flow Lenders and Asset Based (ABL) Lenders. We can either perform an exam using the individual client’s scope or one that has been developed internally by N&T.

Contact Michelle Mastroianni Roach at (781) 761-4516, or Bob Nardella at (781) 761-4501.

Retail Field Exams

The current economic environment creates added challenges for retailers in managing inventory amidst uncertain demand. Retailers are increasingly turning to Asset Based Lenders to service their financing needs. Assessing the risks associated with Asset Based Lending in the retail sector requires particular industry expertise.

N&T’s Lender Services Group recognizes the unique characteristics and risks associated with the retail industry, and provides retail lenders with relevant information regarding the integrity of borrowers’ collateral, systems and reporting. Our professionals have significant expertise in the retail industry and are familiar with many of the systems used by retailers today.

On retail deals, we generally perform full-scope field exams that are tailored to the unique risks relating to retail companies. Depending on the needs of the Lenders, we can also perform limited scope engagements.

Contact Michelle Mastroianni Roach at (781) 761-4516.